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On Being Where You’re Not Supposed to Be

As promised, here is the story about how I got prime seats to the Eureka and Warehouse 13 panels,  and then in the FIFTH ROW for True Blood 🙂

Basically, while my cousin and I were waiting in line, we made some friends from U-Dub and were playing some card games having a grand old time. Meanwhile, my Aunt went to go get some food. On her way back apparently some kid collapsed right outside Ballroom 20, the place we had been waiting for over 4 hours to get into. So, being the decisive action-taker she is, my dear auntie used this diversion to sneak into the room that wasn’t taking any more people and save us three prime seats right in the middle of everything.

The moral of the story? Take action take action take action. And always pretend like you know exactly what you’re doing and that this is where you’re supposed to be. This is the strategy that put me on the red carpet at the Cowboys and Aliens premiere and allowed me to meet Olivia Wilde 😀

The Jungle Book

Here’s a screenplay I had to write in class for my Creative Writing final. The assignment was to write a memoir in screenplay format, so here’s what I came up with:

The Jungle Book

(PS: I still haven’t shelled out the $250 required to actually buy Final Draft, so please excuse the demo format, watermark, etc.)

Quentin Tarantino Directs the Murwood Elementary Annual Christmas Pageant

Mr. Tarantino stares at the motley lineup of children
takes a deep breath
says to them
“Who can tell me the motivation behind Johnny’s character?”
A pig-tailed girl in the back
pipes up sweetly “He wants to save Christmas!”
The teacher rounds on her, interrogating
“but why?”
The gang of students stares back blankly
they never stopped to ask “why?”
As they discussed why I supposedly liked Christmas
I crept to the back,
beginning to fade.
No longer was I Johnny, but a creation
of Tarantino, our harshest pageant director
who would help us put on the most action-packed
show the school and our parents
had ever seen.
Provided we remembered our lines.

An Action Movie Trailer

I wanted to submit an entry into my school’s film festival, so I thought it might be entertaining to poke fun at action movies and how formulaic their trailers seem to be. Here’s the finished product–I did what I could with my crunched timeline and the uncooperative Windows Movie Maker software I had to work with it. It’s short, but was generally well received at the festival.

Like I said, people liked my film, but it was nowhere as good as this one, which was in my opinion the coolest movie at our festival. What can I say? Ren Reed is a beast.