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What if?

This is a film project I had to do for my Introduction to Visual Storytelling class. The assignment was to create a 1 minute silent film illustrating a character’s “moment of decision.”


Elegy for Love

Cross legged on my bed
old letters in my hand
tears in my eyes
I recall the sweet love we shared.
Sweet like a chocolate dessert
we tenderly nibbled at first
then later shoveled with more wild
and wild abandon
tossing aside spoons with our inhibitions
and scooping it up with our hands
until there was nothing left
but a few crumbs and frosting on the pan.
Trying to scoop up what might be left,
I run my finger across the love.
I read the letter as if it were the first time,
but it’s stale
and the memory of
the sweetness makes
its absence that much worse.

A Poem is Like a Song in my Head

A poem is like a song in my head
I cannot write
down anything else
I do not choose
what the subject is
I feel and sit
the poem writes itself

You are like a song in my head
nothing else will work
You could not exist
were it not for the music
of thoughts
and feelings

He is like a song in my head
a series of words
that are too busy making me smile
to go away.
Until I release them
into the world
via my pen as it gently
kisses the paper.

An Appointment With Love

He couldn’t just leave the woman who had faithfully written to him when he needed her words so much. So with a long glance back at the girl in the pale green suit, he stepped forward.

“Helen Taylor,” he said. “I’m Lieutenant Bradford. Nice to finally meet you.”

“I know, I know,” she said before he could continue. “I’m much older than I said I was, but it’s only because I didn’t think we’d ever actually meet.”

“It’s fine, no matter,” said Bradford. “That only explains why you have such wisdom and true insight into the human heart.”

Helen Taylor laughed. “Thank you,” she said. “For being so kind, but go on, chase after that blonde girl who is much prettier and closer to your own age than I am.”

Bradford turned red. “Thanks,” he said. “I should have known you’d be able to read me so well. I’m sorry I’m younger than I said I was.” He turned to leave, but stopped. “Can we meet up later this evening? To get a drink maybe? and talk?”

Helen’s eyes twinkled. Sometimes a love between friends is more meaningful than the fleeting kind that comes with a romantic affair. At her age she understood that and knew he did too.

Lieutenant Bradford dashed away, but by no means was it for forever.

A Love Poem

in a room
in a closet
on a shelf
in a box
are letters and pictures
and presents and smells

they represent true love
a love that was lost
and now all that is left
are the stories each tells.

It will never come back
this first flame of passion
but one small comfort remains

in this box
on the shelf
in a closet
in my room

is empty space
waiting to fill
for when my heart
finally opens again.