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Man vs. Beast

Man vs. Beast

This is a short screenplay I wrote for my Screenwriting Intensive class at Dodge College. Enjoy!



This piece is an account of the time I baby sat this one family. It’s completely true, all of it, I swear. For my Creative Writing class we had to look at a photo that we were involved in and write a short memoir piece about the thoughts and memories that were associated with it. Well, the photo I chose was something I had snapped on my camera phone while baby sitting this one crazy family. While the girls were giving their dolls baths in the bathroom sink, I turned around and saw this. They’re a pretty eccentric family. I wish I could have baby sat them more. I could have probably written a whole book.

“Bye Titi!” Tia Riebling said to her daughter. “We’re going into the city to get some drinks and go dancing!” She tossed her hair and cheekily winked at me. Tiernan looked back up at her.

“I can see your bra, Mommy!” she responded in her sweet little five-year-old voice. I started. This was basically the craziest family I had ever baby sat, and I couldn’t believe a kindergartener had just said that. Then it got even better.

Tia bent down to her daughter’s level, put her hand on Tiernan’s shoulder, looked her in the eye, and said, “Well, Sweetie, that’s what happens when grown-ups go out dancing.” She adjusted her practically mesh top. “Why don’t you go play with Caroline?”

After Tiernan ran away, Tia turned to me. “Now, she and Caroline get along great together, but sometimes they’ll go off and it’ll get really quiet. Make sure you go and check on them if that happens because sometimes they like to play doctor, and it’s innocent, but it can get a little weird, so if they do that, try to steer them toward a different activity.”

I nodded wordlessly. What in the world had I gotten myself into?