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Second to last video for the class!


Dream Sequence

Here was another assignment I had to do for my Visual Storytelling class!

What if?

This is a film project I had to do for my Introduction to Visual Storytelling class. The assignment was to create a 1 minute silent film illustrating a character’s “moment of decision.”

A for Effort

A for Effort

Another short script I wrote for my class.

Comic Con. Oh yes.

I stole my cousin’s computer while she’s sleeping in the other room so I can give a very basic summary of the horrendous lines and amazing people I’ve gotten to see yesterday and today. I promise when I get home I’ll upload the picture of me with Grant from Mythbusters (!) and our very up close and personal view of the cast of Dexter (!!!) that we saw during their panel yesterday.

Now, this is my first year attending Comic Con, so Amanda (my cousin) and I had no idea what to expect. We perused the schedules and decided that the TV panels seemed most appealing. After waiting in a line that wrapped around the Port of San Diego (this is going to become a common theme, lines) we received our passes for Thursday only and went to go line up to enter the infamous Ballroom 20.

Now we thought our line yesterday was long but today it wrapped around the building, twice as long as it had been before, which led us to suspect that we had inadvertantly “cut” some people, but it was innocent, I promise, and enabled us to make it into the Ballroom in time to see the panels for Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Psych (they were hilarious and by far the most amazing of the day. We got shirts. I’ll post the pictures when I get home), Game of Thrones (which I know I’m going to be hooked on the second I start reading the book), the new series Ringer with Sarah Michelle Gellar, and some Showtime shows including Shameless, a new series called Homeland (which looks epic) and–last but not least–DEXTER. It was brilliant and worth the fact that we didn’t leave that Ballroom from 10am to 8 that evening.

Getting good seats was the tricky part, but I’ve become an expert and am considering a career as a paid professional at getting better seats in Comic Con events or something. This “Popular Culture” (I guess it’s not just for nerds anymore) Convention is not for the faint of heart or the straight laced. Stay tuned till tomorrow when I’ll tell you how my Aunt used a medical emergency to secure us great seats for today’s True Blood panel.

After Death (a screenplay)

After Death

Here’s a screenplay I wrote for my Creative Writing class. It’s the type of writing I’m least experienced and most interested in. Screenwriting also happens to be the major I’ll be in when I start film school in the fall. Please read and enjoy! I promise it’s exciting 🙂

An Action Movie Trailer

I wanted to submit an entry into my school’s film festival, so I thought it might be entertaining to poke fun at action movies and how formulaic their trailers seem to be. Here’s the finished product–I did what I could with my crunched timeline and the uncooperative Windows Movie Maker software I had to work with it. It’s short, but was generally well received at the festival.

Like I said, people liked my film, but it was nowhere as good as this one, which was in my opinion the coolest movie at our festival. What can I say? Ren Reed is a beast.