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Like a Kite

I wrote a three page screenplay for my screenwriting class that had to feature two opposite characters working together through conflict to achieve the same goal. I didn’t really like what I turned in, but I saw potential, so I did a rewrite. Here it is, but keep in mind it’s a work in progress that I know would be really fun to produce:

Like a Kite

A for Effort

A for Effort

Another short script I wrote for my class.

Ten Ways of Looking at the Boardwalk

Out of all cities
in all the world
this boardwalk on this beach town’s coast
captivates me most.

At the boardwalk
my friends and I blew about
the different sites
like dandelions in the wind.

Couples fight on the boardwalk, while
first dates blossom
in an ever cyclical romantic comedy.

To play a boardwalk game
costs a quarter
but to win costs thirty of them.

I sit on the
pier and contemplate the boardwalk
the seagulls’ cry
the crash of the waves
and the roar of the man-made
wooden coaster
racing down its track.

True meaning of the boardwalk
and its origins
remain hidden.

The boardwalk splits
the beach in two.

Like life’s pathway
the boardwalk has lights and distractions.

The boardwalk is but a rectangle
that leads to games and fun.

A labyrinth of trials
and screaming
and soft serve ice cream
is the boardwalk.