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Second to last video for the class!


Dream Sequence

Here was another assignment I had to do for my Visual Storytelling class!

What if?

This is a film project I had to do for my Introduction to Visual Storytelling class. The assignment was to create a 1 minute silent film illustrating a character’s “moment of decision.”

An Action Movie Trailer

I wanted to submit an entry into my school’s film festival, so I thought it might be entertaining to poke fun at action movies and how formulaic their trailers seem to be. Here’s the finished product–I did what I could with my crunched timeline and the uncooperative Windows Movie Maker software I had to work with it. It’s short, but was generally well received at the festival.

Like I said, people liked my film, but it was nowhere as good as this one, which was in my opinion the coolest movie at our festival. What can I say? Ren Reed is a beast.