Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Coffee Challenge

ImageToday marks the beginning of my new blog, which is essentially a chronicle of my obsessions. If you, likeme, are obsessed with Pinterest, Paris, breakfast, glitter, fitness, sisterhood, literature, or Lilly Pulitzer,you’ve come to the right place, darling, and this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Speaking of beautiful friendships, yesterday I went to the most adorable tea salon in my town with my roommate from Kentucky and my best friend (and health freak, like I mea freak) from the East Coast.

We fell in love. 

Paris in a Cup has a bajillion (give or take) flavors of tea, including, but not limited to, ginger peach and caramel rouge, and all the different types of “tea fare” that you would expect to see at a place that basically resembled if six-year-old me died and went to heaven and was allowed to play with ceramic, rather than plastic cups. That is to say, we dined on flavored macaroons while the people around us ordered eclairs and tea sandwiches (hey, we’re poor college students on a budget).


Thus prompted my to start the upcoming school year right by vowing to give up coffee in favor or tea. After reading about and experiencing firsthand the negative health effects of drinking coffee and the satisfied, cleansed, yet energized feeling that comes with cups of tea, I know the thing that will get me through to school year will be iced and hot tea, not Starbucks.

Well, not Starbucks coffee, per say. Their green and black tea is totally fair game. 

I invite you to join me in renouncing America’s (second) favorite drink (sorry ladies, I’ve already given up Diet Coke), and I’m looking forward to a year of not being bloated, of having great skin, and of going back to Paris in a Cup to reward myself every time I get an A on an exam. We all need our little rewards.