Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town

(Here’s a short story I wrote for my Creative Writing final to prove that I’m back on track! The assignment was to write a short story based on a well known poem.)

No one blushed as she read the letter. The things Anyone said in it made her heart race. He talked about the little things that made her beautiful and the memories he had from the first time they met to their first kiss. She almost gasped when she read the last line.

“I love you with my whole heart,” it said. No one wondered if it was possible to die of happiness. This was the first time Anyone had told her he loved her. Though he wasn’t present to hear, No one whispered into the empty room that surrounded her, “I love you too.” She couldn’t wait to see Anyone so she could tell him in person. She would tell Someone tomorrow morning, but for now she just wanted to sleep and dream. It was the best Valentine’s Day ever.

“Aw, that’s so sweet!” Someone said when No one told her all about the letter the next day. “I wish Everyone did things like that for me! But I’m lucky if he remembers my name in bed.”

No one laughed. She knew Someone was just joking, but she also knew that she was being serious at the same time. Things this perfect don’t last forever, “but for me they will,” No one said.

Someone looked confused. “What?” she asked.

“Anyone and I will always be in love. We’ll be the one pair in this town that will last.”

Someone put her hand on No one’s arm. “You know what, honey?” she said. “For anyone else, that would be just talk, but for you two, I believe it. Have you told him that?”

No one blushed. “No,” she said. “I haven’t talked to him since last night.”

“Oh girl,” someone said. “You need to get on that! He’s probably so nervous and just dying to know what you’re thinking right now.”

“I know,” No one said. “But I don’t know what to say!”

“Just tell him what you told me. It’ll be fine.”

No one thanked her and turned to leave. Someone was right; she needed to see Anyone right away.

“Oh and No one,” Someone said.

No one turned around.

“Thanks for reminding me what… what it’s like.”

No one smiled. “Of course,” she said. “What are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to call Everyone,” Someone said. “We’ll plan a super romantic night. It’ll be just like old times! Just like,” she paused. “Just like you guys.”

“Thanks for being honest with me,” No one said. “Tell me how it goes, okay?”

“Of course!” Someone told her. “Now go talk to your man! He needs you.”

No one smiled again, then turned to leave. She was so glad she had Someone to talk to.

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