The Bathroom Scale Speaks

My good morning greeting is your body.
We are not equals.
You step on me,
but I hold the power in this relationship.

I pause,
pondering, calculating, measuring
you pray as my plastic parts groan under your weight.

My only means of communication:
three red square digits.

I’m sorry
but I don’t make these up.
Just the messenger,
not your enemy, though you see me as such.
Squished between your feet and the floor
I feel it too.

You are done staring down, wishing me to change.
I can’t
and you hate me for it.

you step off
the numbers disappear, but
I’ll be waiting until tomorrow morning.

2 responses to “The Bathroom Scale Speaks

  1. Nice to hear what the scale has to say for a change 🙂 well written

  2. Oh wow nice job, and quite accurate I must say!

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