Elegy for Love

Cross legged on my bed
old letters in my hand
tears in my eyes
I recall the sweet love we shared.
Sweet like a chocolate dessert
we tenderly nibbled at first
then later shoveled with more wild
and wild abandon
tossing aside spoons with our inhibitions
and scooping it up with our hands
until there was nothing left
but a few crumbs and frosting on the pan.
Trying to scoop up what might be left,
I run my finger across the love.
I read the letter as if it were the first time,
but it’s stale
and the memory of
the sweetness makes
its absence that much worse.

16 responses to “Elegy for Love

  1. The prose is bitter sweet and lovely. Imagery, perfect of lost love and whistful in its longing.
    Thanks for visiting mine and the lovely comment

  2. One love of many. It does find a place where it’s comfortable.

  3. A sweet and lovely poem. Nicely done.

  4. It’s funny how the sad experiences give us the most delcious strings of lines

  5. Expressive poem of loss. Love all used up, where has it gone ?

  6. Can “wild abandon” ever replace consistency and not become stale?
    Good analogy. I feel it.

  7. amazing.
    keep us inspired.

  8. beautiful emotions,
    well delivered piece.

    Happy Rally.


  9. sad words used beautifully. good work.

  10. I love the ending. It breaks my heart the way we can go from loving each other to suddenly not, I don’t understand it all perhaps because I was never the one to stop

  11. Very emotional read.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Full imagery
    Lovely one

  13. Word. I was in this scene once. I was wearing that nasty Cindy Crawford perfume, Jordache jeans and too much hairspray.

  14. I just wandered by, hoping I could get a stall in this stable…

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