The tide crept in, erasing the footprints in the sand. The beach curved away into darkness. Jet stumbled through the water that crashed around his ankles. He had never killed a man before. He looked up into the sky. It was clear but dark. The stars seemed farther away than they had ever been before. He felt more alone than he ever had in his life. He doubled over and vomited. He stood bent over, gasping for air for a whole minute before the next wave of water crashed in and cleaned the sand of the sick and of his footprints. The water could clean up anything, even me, Jet thought. He collapsed to the ground and layed on his back, staring up at the sky. How long until the moon rose? He didn’t have a plan, and he could already feel himself changing inside. Soon the evidence would be written on his face. You can’t hide something this big, Jet thought as another wave crashed against the nearby rocks.

One response to “Skeletons

  1. Nice posting, have some more. God bless.

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