This is not a Diary

Basically, my friend Veronica convinced me to start this bloggity thing. She says it will be a good way to keep in touch and interact with friends when we go off to college next year. I say that’s what Facebook is for. However, I am planning on majoring in Screenwriting at film school this fall, so I thought this might be a good way to practice and force myself to write regularly.

You see, right now I’m taking a Creative Writing course at my high school, and I have to admit I enjoy being forced to write all the time. Stories all of a sudden exist that would never have been given laugh had my teacher not imposed a deadline. Speaking of which, I can’t spend too much time on this lovely first entry because I spent too much time formatting the header and such of my new little corner of the web, so I must go work on my “Vignette” assignment for aforementioned Creative Writing class.

If I get a good grade on it, maybe I’ll post it here!

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